There are several reasons that bearded dragons love cilantro. The leaves are high in calcium and phosphorus and they can also provide water to your bearded dragon. It is difficult for beardies to get enough water, and this plant can help with that. Moreover, it contains a healthy amount of calcium, which your bearded dragon needs. But be sure to choose organic cilantro and to wash it thoroughly before serving it to your pet.

It is safe for your beardie to eat cilantro, as long as you chop the leaves and stem finely. You should never feed your beardie cilantro with the root or leaves. The dried herb has less nutritional value and can cause diarrhea. But you can still give him a small amount of fresh cilantro. Besides, his digestive system won’t be affected if he eats the stems.

Cilantro is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that help maintain good health. It contains a low-phosphorus level and a high-calcium ratio, which makes it an excellent food for your beardie. It is also high in choline, a mineral that is important for proper digestion. It is safe to feed your beardie cilantro as long as you understand the risks. If you do not know how much cilantro is safe for your beardie, start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount. It will be easy for your dragon to adjust to this new diet.

Cilantro contains plenty of calcium. Your beardie needs this mineral to build strong bones. If you add some fresh cilantro to his diet, it will be an excellent addition to their diet. It is safe to mix it with other vegetables and insects, but don’t try to feed it daily! It will only cause diarrhea. However, make sure to give it to your beardie once or twice a week, and it will be fine!

Despite its low nutritional value, cilantro is an excellent addition to your dragon’s diet. It is best to give your dragon a handful of fresh cilantro about once a week. Ensure that it’s clean and pest-free before feeding your beardy. If you have fresh basil, you can sprinkle it on your beardy’s food. In general, the beardy won’t mind eating any leftover cilantro.

Cilantro contains many of the vitamins your beardie needs. Compared to other fruits and vegetables, cilantro is also rich in calcium and phosphorus. Your beardie needs a 4:1 balance of the two. It needs phosphorus to maintain its nerve function. While it is not recommended for daily consumption, your beardie can tolerate a few tablespoons of cilantro per day. Once he gets used to it, he’ll likely love it.

While cilantro is an excellent source of vitamin K, it should not be fed to your beardie on a regular basis. Its high levels of vitamin K help the beardie to heal wounds. It also contains a high amount of potassium, which is an essential mineral for the beardie. When given to your beardie, you can use it as a meal supplement or as a daily snack. But be sure to keep in mind that your pet needs to eat small amounts of this plant.

Although you can feed your beardie cilantro to your bearded dragon, it is not recommended to eat the entire plant. For the best results, use 5-8 leaves of cilantro daily. In addition to fresh greens, fresh herbs should be a high percentage of their diet. Do not overfeed your beardie. Its taste and nutritional value will be limited to the level of your personal preference. If you want to give it a chance, you should be patient and watch it.

If you want to feed your beardie cilantro, remember to slice it and serve it with other veggies. Ensure that the bowl is high enough to prevent your pet from swallowing the leaves. Moreover, cilantro is best eaten raw. You should always remember that cooking any food reduces the nutritional value. Hence, it is best to serve it raw. If you do not have time, try a few slices of cilantro to your beardie and he will be pleased.