As a pet owner, you know it takes a lot to make sure they feel at home. From safety percussions to keeping them well fed and occupied, you need to adjust many things. Generally, pet owners recruit someone for dog sitting while they are away. This is becoming quite common and for most people, this is a side hustle that helps them earn their living. However, for pet owners, paying for dog walks and pet sitting can be an added expense that can put a dent in their finances. 

While most people will suggest you just train your dog and leave them at home, others recommend that you should have a designated place for them. The simplest solution so far is to equip your home with the latest technology so it can become a safe place for your pets. This way you can leave them at home and you will never have to pay for any extra care. 

For safety, there are smart home devices that can help in ensuring the safety of your home, kids, and pets. These smart home devices come with mobile applications so you can monitor your pet even when you are away. The best thing about these smart devices is that they come with mobile apps, so you can monitor everything easily when you are away. 

For the seamless performance of these smart home devices, you need to make sure they stay connected to the internet. A good internet like Optimum is recommended, to ensure that there is no connection issue and all the devices can fetch data in real-time. The best thing about Optimum is that it offers affordable Optimum internet plans that can help you get the best results within your limited budget. 

5 Apps to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

1. Portable Safety Camera Apps

Portable safety cameras are one of the most important things that will ensure that you can monitor your pet even when you are away. Most people go for CCTV, which is a good option but for renters or people who do not want a dedicated 4 to 6-camera system installed, a portable safety camera is essential. 

One of our personal favorites is the best cam that works as a portable camera that you can move around. The best thing about the nest cam is the app, which allows you to keep an eye on your pet via the nest app. The app offers high-quality real-time videos, so you can stay informed at all times. 

2. Portable Door Sensors 

Nuki door sensor is a simple portable magnetic sensor that helps you stay informed when someone comes or leaves your home. The door sensor in most cases is wired and fixed so you cannot take it off but with Nuki you will get a simple portable sensor that can be removed anytime. 

The sensor comes with two small parts, so you can use it on cabinets, windows, doors, or pet doors as well. The sensor comes with a mobile app that offers you notifications every time someone leaves the home. Sensor is a great way to monitor the presence of your pet in your home. 

3. Pet First Aid

Pet first aid is one of the best apps that any pet owner can have on their phone. Since we have already mentioned the sensor and portable camera, you can easily monitor your pet and if they are in danger just get help from pet first aid. The app is available free and both iPhone and Android users can download it. With this app, you can also get information about handling your pet, catering to emergencies, and creating a healthy environment for your pet. 

4. Pet Sitting App

If you are looking for an in-one app, we recommend fetching pet care. The app has multiple functions that can help you become a better pet parent. Pet care helps you choose a medical appointment or book any pet service. You have the choice to book any time slot and any duration. Moreover, it works as a good app to find a helper for your pet when you are away. This app is a great option for people who have full-time jobs or they go on frequent work trips. 

5. Pet Care Training

Training your pet to stay at home means you need to hire someone and then pay him or her a hefty amount. However, now with the pet care training apps like GoodPup, you will get a complete training guide for your dog. 

You will get a private 30-minute session with a professional dog trainer that will not just help you train your pup but also offer you tips and tricks that you can use in daily life. Moreover, the chat feature is another fun part, which allows you to ask questions anytime you want. This app is available on both iOS and Android. GoodPup only costs 29 dollars per month. 

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that when it comes to taking care of pets most people do not want to rely on anyone else. If you are one of them, listed above are some of the best and most interesting apps that will not just help in ensuring that your pet is safe but also these apps will help you become a better pet parent.