7 Signs of a Mouse Infestation in Your Home

Did you know that mice can chew a lot of materials? They love to chew electrical wires, paper products, and books. They also love to tuck into grain, flour, and any type of takeout food.

Mice can be harder to get rid of than cockroaches because they can make more than one nest. They can make more than two. They can survive in nearly any environment because they’re considered cosmopolitan everywhere.

Now that you’re aware of how resilient mice are, you might be wondering when you’ll notice a mouse infestation. Keep on reading to learn the key signs!

1. Rodent Sightings

A mouse infestation in your home is disheartening yet common. Signs of mice can include rodent sightings. You may notice small rodent droppings around areas where food is stored or on floors and walls. The droppings can also cause a strong foul odor.

If you see one mouse running around, you can likely expect to find more in the same area. Live or dead mice may also be found in your home. Be sure to contact a professional exterminator if you see any of these signs before it gets worse.

2. Gnaw Holes

Signs of a mouse infestation in your home include gnawing holes. Mice have to chew on hard, wood-like materials (like walls, baseboards, furniture, etc.) to maintain sharp teeth and keep their incisors from growing too long. This chewing, if done by mice, will leave small, distinct, rough-edged holes in surfaces.

Keep an eye on the walls and crevices in your home for any signs of damage or teeth marks. All of these signs should be a cause for concern and prompt you to take action and get rid of mice.

3. Noticing Foul Odor

A foul odor is often one of the first signs of a mouse infestation. Attracted by food and nesting materials, rodents generate unpleasant smells that are detectable. If mice have invaded your home, the pungent smell will likely become more pronounced as the population grows.

The strong odor comes from urine full of bacteria and can be so strong it may even be close to unbearable. If you notice this offensive foul smell, then it is likely that you have mice in your home and need to take action to get rid of them.

All in all, if you start to smell a musky odor, it might be a warning sign of a large infestation. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to act quickly and click for rodent pest control to prevent further damage.

4. There are Tracks and Runways

Mouse infestations can be one of the hardest to detect. One of the most obvious signs of a problem is tracks and runways. When a mouse enters your home, it will start to create runways and pathways, often running along skirting boards and baseboards.

These tracks will be 1-2 inches wide and will appear very dusty and slightly scuffed or bumpy. You may also find shredded materials along these pathways which, depending on the size of the mouse, can be as small as 1/4 inch.

Furthermore, these tracks and runways are an indication that the mouse population in your home. Thus, proper control should be done to eliminate the infestation.

5. Seeing Mouse Nests

If you suspect a mouse infestation in your home, one telltale sign to look out for is evidence of mouse nests. Mice and rats typically make their nests out of shredded materials like paper towels, silk, cotton, cloth, plant or grass fibers, and other materials.

Nests are usually found in dark, hidden areas, such as the back of closets, in drawers, inside furniture, or behind large kitchen appliances. If you notice small, shredded bits of material, you may have a rat infestation that needs to be addressed. This should be addressed properly to prevent further damage.

6. Hearing Scratching Noises

Hearing scratching noises in your home can be a sure sign of a mouse infestation. These rodents create this sound from within walls and other hidden places by running along pipes or scurrying about between the walls and ceiling. You may hear these noises more frequently at night, as mice often are more active after dark.

Mice may even find their way into your attic or basement, amplifying the noise you hear and making it difficult to identify the exact location of the noise.

7. Scurrying in the Walls

One of the most serious signs that you have a mice infestation in your home is the sound of mice scurrying in the walls. As mice run through walls and other shared spaces within the home, it produces a distinctive scratching and squeaking sound. This easily recognizable sound should alert homeowners to the presence of mice, and take the appropriate measures to eradicate them.

Additionally, you may also observe oil-like smeared trails along baseboards and in corners due to oil from mice’s fur. With the proper technique, it’s possible to rid your home of mice without having to use chemical pesticides.

Mouse Infestation to Look Out For

Mice infestations can be difficult to identify but there are a few telltale signs you can watch out for. If you take notice of the droppings, odors, scratching and gnawing sounds, or physical sightings of mice, it’s time to take action. If you suspect a mouse infestation in your home, it’s time to call a professional pest control service for expert help and relief.

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