rabbit in the cage all the time

When rabbits are in their natural habitat, they love to run around, jump on trees, etc. Rabbits barely stay in one place whenever they are in the wild. Therefore, a rabbit requires all the space it can get and more. Furthermore, if you want to keep a rabbit at home as a pet, you must keep this in mind. Nevertheless, if you are still wondering whether or not you need to keep your bunny in a cage, read this piece. 

Rabbits need daily time outs

Like every other pet, rabbits need a lot of exercise and stimulation. However, it is necessary to keep your bunnies or rabbits in a cage whenever you are sleeping or going out. If you keep your rabbit in a cage all day, it will deny your pet exercise and may cause some health issues for the rabbit. To ensure your rabbit is healthy and happy, you must let it out of the cage at least once a day. Allow the rabbit to run and jump for at least one hour daily, but three hours is preferable. You can bunny-proof your home if you’re worried about the rabbit running around and causing mischief. 

Build an indoor pen

Creating a pen for your rabbit will be better if you don’t want them running around your home all the time. A large pen will make the rabbit feel free and provide a lot of space to run and jump around. You can find a lot of pens online with easy-to-set-up features. Meanwhile, you must always ensure that you add food and water for the bunnies. This will ensure that the rabbit is stimulated, healthy, and happy.

Create a rabbit room 

If your house has enough space, you can create a rabbit room instead of building a pen or letting them run around the house. Like the pen, you must keep food and water in the rabbit’s room. You can also install a baby gate, so the rabbit doesn’t escape whenever you open the door. 

rabbit in the cage all the time


A cage is often a popular place to keep rabbits in homes with little space. However, opt for a more modern and sophisticated cage that provides space and a lot of attractions for the rabbit.